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May 22 2018



my leopard gecko hasn’t eaten for over a week so i took him to the vet. vet said he’s extremely healthy and the reason he’s not eating is likely due to him entering breeding season early

i paid $97 to learn that my gecko won’t eat because he’s too fucking horny do anything

can you imagine someone handing you a burger and you being like “i can’t eat this i’m too fucking horny"




stop what you’re doing and spin in a circle NOW

everyone would be happier if we spinned



wine drunk me is a genius as always


Most important lesson I learned in the past year is, don’t let anyone turn you cruel.
No matter how badly you wanna give the world a taste of its own bitter medicine.
It’s never worth losing yourself over.

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Legs for days. (via existentialhype)

A+ use of doll parts for birb self-confidence.

@elodieunderglass have you seen this

Regrettably, I have,,


poor person: i cant afford things that are regular and daily costs, such as food, and gas


poor person: ???? do you understand how money works or do you just pretend everything you say is a profound gotcha moment without considering maybe you’re not wise or knowledgeable in the slightest when it comes to poverty




There is one patch of sunlight that falls in my apartment and every time I see it I think ‘a cat would look so good there.’

I got a cat and she found it.


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This is so cute I think I have a permanent smile

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She is giving us a LOOK

is this princess leia?

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Famous Disney Characters As Ethnically Correct Humans by Pugletto.

I love this


oh my god




can we just collectively agree as a generation that we aren’t going to care if each other’s houses are clean when we visit bc im gettin real sick of the “the house has to be spotless or our guests will judge us” deal my parents got goin on

none of us in this generation is going to be able to afford a house.










I love kids they’re all like.. “when i grow up i’m gonna be an astronaut and a chef and a doctor and an olympic swimmer” like that self confidence! That drive! That optimism! Where does it go

It gets destroyed by adults not believing in you and telling you to pick a realistic career. And by society creating all these obstacles to the point that you’re too tired to try.

But they’re not really unrealistic, SOMEBODY is going to be an olympic swimmer and it might as well be you.

Actually I want to talk about this a little more than I did, because olympic swimming is incredible and works perfectly to talk about attaining goals.

I used to be a varsity swimmer, and I was damn good, but I was forced into it by my parents and completely lost my love for it and therein my drive. But in high school I was swimming against such talented swimmers like Olympic Swimmer Missy Franklin. I’ve met her, and the main difference between her and me was that I was strong but had no passion, but she was strong BECAUSE she had passion. 

And I could have been good, really good, maybe even Olympic good. I even have the predisposition for it, been swimming since I was 2 years old, have a mom who was almost an olympic swimmer. Missy didn’t have either of those things, she just wanted it, loved it, had been doing it for a long time, and decided she was going to kick ass at it.

Right, that’s great and all, but I completely missed my opportunity to be an olympic swimmer, yeah? and can never achieve those dreams I had as a kid? No, not even though. There was this whole thought that female athletes peak when they’re 17 years old and lose their skills quickly after that, and male athletes peak around 19. But then Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres shows up. She was an olympic swimmer when she was 17, 21 and 25. Pretty normal age for retirement. She had a few kids. She kicked butt at being a mom. 

And then at 33 years old she decides she’s bored or something gets back in shape and kicks so much ass at the trials that she lands herself on the Olympic Team ONCE AGAIN. And then 8 years later, she decides, heck I’m 41 now, no one has ever made the olympic swim team as old as I am, I want to get in shape yet again and teach these children how sports work.

And she still has the record for oldest US Olympic Swimmer, not even any men have beat out that record.

So basically what I’m saying is you could be an olympic swimmer, you really could be. And there are obviously a lot of things stopping you and trying to get in your way: your brain, society, too much chocolate cake for example. But if you really dedicate yourself to it and love it with all of your heart you could, you really could.

And lets say olympic swimming isn’t your jam? That’s cool too. There isn’t a single skill in this world that you can’t learn if you absolutely love it and want to. Any skill you want is going to take time. There are countless famous people who started learning a skill after 20, 30, 40, or even 50. Not a single person has even been president under age 35 (most likely because you’re not allowed to be, but there’s a reason for that). Whatever you want to do you’re probably going to be bad at first, and I’m talking really shitty.

Van Gogh got started in his 20′s and was thought to have no artistic talent at first and was forced to sit in the back of classrooms where the worst artists in the class sat. So yeah you’ll probably be bad, like really bad and everyone including you will think you’re bad. If you stick with it though, if you’re willing to work for years and years, if you keep loving it after all the pain it’s given you, 

then you might just paint Starry Night.


#looks like there’s still time for me to learn how to draw

… YES. As someone who started drawing at 35 and who always was like: ‘eh, I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life, but I would love to be able to’ this is near and dear to my heart. If you want to draw, start drawing. Keep drawing. Be shit at drawing at first. Keep it up, doodle things on scraps but also draw stuff you don’t think you can draw. Challenge yourself, you will be surprised what you can do. It will be frustrating at times, but it will also be awesome. It is SO much a matter of practice and dedication, not talent.

This applies for writing, too.  

Don’t ever think for a second that it doesn’t!  Want to start writing?  Then write!  You will get better the more you write, the more often, and you will improve, all of the time, as long as you dedicate yourself.  

The worst lie we tell ourselves is “it’s too late.”







hot take: hrt, gender therapy and trans surgeries should be free

if cis people don’t have to pay to have a body that doesn’t make them dysphoric, neither should trans people

So by that logic does that mean that I should get anti-depressants and all the other pills for my mental issues for free because the people who don’t suffer from them don’t have to pay to have them?


And does that mean that corrective lenses should also be free, because people with good vision don’t need to pay to see clearly, and that devices to aid in mobility for people with limited mobility (from crutches to (practical) canes to wheelchairs to prosthetics) should also be free, because people who don’t have limited mobility don’t need to pay for them?

yes? why does everyone in the notes keep trying to come up with gotchas lmao everything to do with healthcare should be free


sometimes……….. shows that aren’t cancelled…………. are worse

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I made a bunch of alignment charts! More here!!! They include a lot of nonbinary attractions and genders! Check them out!

Please feel free to use. Font is Times New Roman (bold) if you want to replace distinguish/functional/disaster. Ideas I had for replacements (but that was too many images): Plaid/Flannel/Sweater Vest, Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic (was that how this meme originally started??? I can’t remember, lol), SFF/Horror/Romance, Zombie/Vampire/Werewolf, Mermaid/Siren/Selkie, Cat/Dog/Bird, Ice Cream/Gelato/Sorbet, Nude/Bare Makeup/Fancy Makeup, Dragon/Phoenix/Centaur, Tarot/Runes/Tasseography, Drawing/Writing/Acting, Chapstick/Gloss/Lipstick, Pop/Punk/Rock, Hot Chocolate/Fireplace/Blanket.


The rest!


Hey, so there’s all those posts going around that say, “Gay aces are just as gay as everyone else!!” or “Being ace doesn’t make you any less of a lesbian <3” and that’s all true and important to know, but those posts have started being co-opted by exclusionists who really just mean “If you’re an ace lesbian, you should stop talking about being ace and adopt lesbian as your only identity,” so I wanted to make some things clear:

Being gay doesn’t make you any less ace. Being a lesbian doesn’t make you any less ace. Being bi doesn’t make you any less ace. Being pan doesn’t make you any less ace.

If you’re a gay/lesbian/bi/pan ace, it’s okay to talk about your asexuality. If you’re a gay/lesbian/bi/pan aro, it’s okay to talk about your aromanticism.  Neither of those experiences is inherently more important than the other. It’s okay if you identify more with being ace or aro than with being a wlw or a mlm. 

It’s okay to reblog ace memes or aro jokes and to be unapologetically aro or ace. Nothing about that is inherently homophobic. Using ace or aro terminology isn’t inherently homophobic. Being in a qpr or having a squish doesn’t invalidate you as a wlw or mlm. It’s okay to feel left out when you’re left out of “LGBT” memes or wlw moodboards because the op assumed that all women who are into women identify as lesbian, bi, or pan. 

If your primary identity is ace or aro, you can still be a wlw or a mlm. You belong in those spaces, and anyone trying to tell you to stop talking about your lack of sexual/romantic attraction because it’s “not a wlw/mlm experience” needs to look around them.

Many gay aces identify primarily as ace. Many lesbian aces identify primarily as ace. Many bi aces identify primarily as ace. Many pan aces identify primarily as ace. This is true of aces who are in same-gender relationships. It’s true of aces who have experienced significant homophobia. It’s okay to do that if you feel it’s right for you. 

I’m sorry there are so many people on this website trying to tell you that your identity and your flag don’t belong in spaces in which you unquestionably do. Don’t let anyone push you out of your community.

mod k










Don’t tell your daughter that when a boy is mean or rude to her it’s because he has a crush on her. Don’t teach her that abuse is a sign of love.

My mom always taught me yell or fight back. Boys would be mean and I would yell back. I would get my ass pinched and I would smack them as hard as I could.

Who alway got in trouble? Me.

They would call my mother and she always came in and lectures my teachers and threatened to sue for making her miss work and treating me poorly.

She always taught my brothers to respect women. The only fights my brothers ever got in was defending women from someone else.

The school tried to call my father once instead of my mother on us. He came in in his full preacher outfit (being a preacher and all) and gave them an entire sermon on what would Jesus day of he was called in. They decided dealing with my mom was better.

I think my favorite story of this is when some kid snapped my bra and I turned around, didn’t even think about it, and punched that little motherfucker right in the nose.

So naturally, I end up in the principal’s office, refusing to apologize. 

“He shouldn’t have put his hands on me and I wouldn’t have hit him!” That’s the only thing I was saying.

These people had the unfortunate luck of catching my dad at home, instead of my mom. So he comes fucking sauntering in there, like he’s Clint fucking Eastwood in some western movie and looks at me. 

“Melissa, did you punch him?” 

“Yes.” I said. 


“Because he snapped my bra strap.” 

And he turns his squinty eyed glare to the principal and says, “You’re telling me my daughter is in trouble because that squirrely looking kid put his hands on her and she chose to defend herself? That’s what you are saying to me.” 

“Well, sir-” The man kind of stuttered because my dad is kind of intimidating in the quiet sort of way that kind of whispers in the back of your mind that this person could be dangerous. “Melissa did make it physical.” 

“No. That kid put his hands on my daughter. Are you saying my daughter cannot defend herself when some boy decides to put hands on her? Is that what you are teaching my girl?” 

I didn’t get suspended that day.  

*slow clap for excellent parenting*

This is the parent I want to be omg

I went to a nun school. 

The nuns there were like, so rad. 

It was a party organized for the end of the school year, and I was helping in the kitchen to prepare stuff with a nun and a bunch of little girls. There was one of the girls’ little brother who was there. 

There was a little girl who was carrying a bowl of tomato sauce and was going outside, but the boy was just in front of her and he slammed the door in her face. She dropped the bowl on the floor and got all messy. 

So what happened? 

The nun went outside, took the boy by the arm, and gave him an epic speech going around the lines of: “Would you treat the Virgin Mary like that, young man?” “Nnnnno…” “Then treat every girl like she’s the Virgin Mary.” Not only the boy had to apologize to the little girl, but he also had to clean up and he was put on kitchen duty for the rest of the day. 

Then another day, in catechism class (I was a in a girls’ school, mind you), the nun was there telling us: “If a guy touches you in a way you don’t like, punch him in the face. It’s not a sin against charity. On the contrary, you’re being charitable by showing him he’s sinning by impurity and you’ll save him from going to hell.” 

So I was at my desk during class looking like this: 

Reblogging for awesome dads and kickass nuns.

If the Catholic church were run by like 90% of the nuns I know, the world would be a much better, much cooler place.

Reblog if you treat women like they’re Virgin Mary


what are you, a bad at geography gay, bad at driving gay, or doesn’t sit in socially acceptable ways gay?



it’s kind of hilarious how some people actually do think mcu tony would feel offended by the superiority of shuri’s intellect like?? first of all he immediately hit it off with bruce, who’s technically smarter than him in a bunch of areas according to some marvel fan ratings. he acknowledges steve as the chief battle strategy voice while in the field. he literally made pepper his boss. helen cho talked about her regeneration craddle to tony like “this is the future, your clunky metal suits will be left to dust” and tony was all “great! that is EXACTLY the plan” he’s out there funding university research and enabling the superhero dreams of teens he saw on YouTube and whose coding abilities actually already beat his own like what on earth made people start thinking tony “futurist” stark is intimidated by human progress

How people think Tony would react: someone more clever than me? dishonor!

How Tony would actually react: you science? I science too!


no offense to other mutant movies but as far as I can remember Deadpool 2 is the only mutant movie that actually earned the oppression metaphor they used. Many of the X-men movies were metaphors for racism or ableism that sidelined or even vilified or killed the actual group of people the metaphor was supposed to be about.

The entire plot of Deadpool 2 is about the horror and trauma of “conversion” camps, about the horrific people who run them and about community and found family of your peers healing you from that trauma. They didn’t just have a metaphor for LGBT oppression, they had actual LGBT people and I really appreciated it.

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