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I made a bunch of alignment charts! More here!!! They include a lot of nonbinary attractions and genders! Check them out!

Please feel free to use. Font is Times New Roman (bold) if you want to replace distinguish/functional/disaster. Ideas I had for replacements (but that was too many images): Plaid/Flannel/Sweater Vest, Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic (was that how this meme originally started??? I can’t remember, lol), SFF/Horror/Romance, Zombie/Vampire/Werewolf, Mermaid/Siren/Selkie, Cat/Dog/Bird, Ice Cream/Gelato/Sorbet, Nude/Bare Makeup/Fancy Makeup, Dragon/Phoenix/Centaur, Tarot/Runes/Tasseography, Drawing/Writing/Acting, Chapstick/Gloss/Lipstick, Pop/Punk/Rock, Hot Chocolate/Fireplace/Blanket.


The rest!

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