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it’s kind of hilarious how some people actually do think mcu tony would feel offended by the superiority of shuri’s intellect like?? first of all he immediately hit it off with bruce, who’s technically smarter than him in a bunch of areas according to some marvel fan ratings. he acknowledges steve as the chief battle strategy voice while in the field. he literally made pepper his boss. helen cho talked about her regeneration craddle to tony like “this is the future, your clunky metal suits will be left to dust” and tony was all “great! that is EXACTLY the plan” he’s out there funding university research and enabling the superhero dreams of teens he saw on YouTube and whose coding abilities actually already beat his own like what on earth made people start thinking tony “futurist” stark is intimidated by human progress

How people think Tony would react: someone more clever than me? dishonor!

How Tony would actually react: you science? I science too!

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